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Muscle or bone? 15 November 2010

Posted by davidghallam in back pain, frequently asked questions, muscle pain.

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People sometimes tell me that I will not be able to help them because the pain they are suffering from is a muscle problem. ‘You chiropractors just do bones and joints don’t you?’

It is easy to see why people might think this. I have a model skeleton in my clinic, and another model of the spine. When people come to see me, I am particularly interested to see how their skeleton is aligned. I will move their arms and legs to see how their joints are working. When I make adjustments I feel and push different bones in the patient’s body.

So chiropractic is just about bones and joints?

No it isn’t.

The main aim of chiropractic is to restore the health of the body’s nervous system. Chiropractors work on the bones and joints because this is the most effective way to communicate with the nerves. In restoring nerve health the tissue we affect most profoundly is the tissue with the biggest concentration of nerves: the muscles!

This is particularly evident in people with persistently tight and painful muscles. A massage might give temporary relief but in a very short time – a few days, even a few hours, the muscles tighten up again and the pain returns. This is a situation where chiropractic can be really helpful. A chiropractic treatment can be the ‘final piece in the puzzle’ of a recurring muscle pain. A number of massage therapists refer their customers to me for this very reason.


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