Privacy Notice



The personal data of EU citizens are protected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


The Active Chiropractic clinic will not use your personal data for marketing purposes. We will not sell or pass on your personal data to other organisations for marketing purposes.


We share names and contact information with Factotum Ltd, our Virtual Reception service, so that they can take calls and handle our appointment diary. Factotum have confirmed that their systems are secure and GDPR-compliant.


We share names, contact information and treatment records with Red Guava Co (Australia) who operate Cliniko, our clinic database system. Red Guava’s servers are outside of the European Union. Our data processing agreement with Red Guava specifies that their systems are secure and GDPR-compliant.


Local data are kept on password-protected computers. Older paper records are kept in a locked filing cabinet.


The GDPR requires organisations to delete personal data once the reason for keeping that data has expired. For legal reasons we are required to keep treatment records for eight years. If we have not seen you or had any contact with you for eight years, all of your data will be deleted.

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