McTimoney Chiropractic (video)

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McTimoney Video

What is it?

McTimoney chiropractic is a gentle, low-force style of chiropractic developed by English Chiropractor John McTimoney in the 1950s. Around a quarter of the chiropractors practising in the UK today are McTimoney chiropractors.

How is McTimoney chiropractic different?

McTimoney adjustments are light and fast without any ‘gapping’ of the joints. Most people find the treatment to be relaxing and enjoyable. McTimoney is a whole-body approach wherein the whole skeleton is checked from top-to-toe at every visit.

Does it hurt?

McTimoney adjustments are remarkably gentle. Most people find the treatment completely comfortable – though there may be some discomfort if somebody is sore before treatment begins.

Other techniques

McTimoney Chiropractic always forms the basis of treatment in the Peterborough clinic.  Many patients do not need anything else. Chiropractor David Hallam is qualified in a number of additional techniques including massage, neuromuscular reeducation (NMR) and Emmett technique, and uses these methods to supplement the treatment as required. He will always explain these different methods before using them.

McTimoney Video

How many visits to the chiropractor will I need?


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