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Back pain for 5 years

I had been suffering for over 5 years with back pain. This was mainly a dull pain on waking each morning which eased within the first few hours with occasional periods of increased pain and restricted movement. The pain had been increasing within the last few months with additional sciatic nerve and shoulder pain. Previously I had received treatment from Physiotherapists and Sports Massage Therapists with limited improvement. Having attended several appointments to see David I have found the treatment he provides to be professional and very comfortable. After just a few visits I have found that my back is now pain free most mornings and the additional discomfort has ceased. (Andrew, February 2017)

Struggling to straighten up after sitting

I feel far stronger, flexible and ache free.(Simon, November 2015).

Shoulder pain

I had been putting up with chronic shoulder aches, pains and loss of associated strength for months. After just one session with David I’m astonished at the improvement. A short diagnosis and explanation then the treatment which was pain free and effective within hours; some follow up is necessary but I can now work as previously. The whole experience was one of a friendly, caring and highly professional service. (Steve, March 2015)

Hip and leg pain following pregnancy

I had been suffering with pregnancy related hip and leg pain for 3 years. Like most other new mums, I had been too busy looking after my daughter to organise treatment. I just put it down to the changes which take place during pregnancy and hoped that it would go away on its own. Needless to say, it never did, and when I moved back to Peterborough from London to be closer to family, I decided to get myself sorted out. My mum had been telling me for a while about the excellent chiropractor that she goes to for treatment, so I decided to go along too. After a thorough initial consultation, David diagnosed my problem and began to treat it straight away. I felt instant relief after the first session and the discomfort that I had been experiencing for 3 years disappeared. Over the course of the next few weeks I rediscovered pain-free living; very liberating and such a relief! If there are any other new mums out there reading this who are experiencing similar problems and are hesitating about whether or not to go for treatment, my advice would be don’t wait. David can provide effective treatment in a very relaxed environment and you’ll wonder why you left it so long. (Sally, May 2014)

Recurrent back pain

I have suffered from recurrent back pain for more than 2 years – each bout would last for about 6 weeks before I felt in any way able to function normally again. After my most recent re-occurrence I was recommended to visit David Hallam. I walked into the practice in acute lower back pain – only able to get out of the house with painkillers. After an assessment he quickly diagnosed my problem which he painlessly corrected as well as other knock-on side effects. Within a few days I was able to walk freely and carry my daughter without pain and I feel confident that with regular checks I can remain pain free for the future. (Barry, May 2014)

Frozen, stiff neck

I first went to Active Chiropractic as a bit of a last resort when I was in a lot of discomfort with a frozen/stiff neck. My movement was very limited, it was difficult to drive, I felt as if my neck could not support the weight of my head and I was waking up in the night in pain. Things were not good! I had seen McTimoney working on horses (who after all can’t fake the result) so I thought I would give it a go. My first session was a little strange as I wasn’t expecting the ‘manipulations’ to be so light-touch. But in fact it was very relaxing and much more pleasant than regular chiropractic treatment. The neck pain was slightly worse that night but then gradually over the next few days I began to get back some movement and the pain was lessened to the point where I no longer needed anti-inflammatory treatment. I have now been for my third session and the improvement is very evident. I have back full movement of my neck and no longer wake in pain in the night. I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment for anyone in a similar position. (Justine, May 2014)

Bad back, neck and shoulders

I came to see David after a recommendation from a family member, as I had been suffering for over 4 years with a very bad back, neck and shoulders, and associated stress and anxiety, since having a prolapsed (slipped) disc. After only a few gentle treatments, David massively helped with the pain I was enduring, helping to re-align my pelvis and other joints and areas which were out, and which were part of the problem! All David’s treatments are extremely gentle compared to previous treatments I’ve endured with other practitioners, and I would highly recommend the work of this clinic to anyone! (Lucy, April 2014)

Neck stiffness and migraines

I had previously had McTimoney chiropractic treatment and chose David as he used this method. I was experiencing neck pain from an old injury along with migraines. David is a great practitioner, explaining everything beforehand and putting you at ease. I have greatly improved movement in my neck, and my migraines are markedly reduced thanks to his treatment.  (Holly, October 2013)

Long term pain in back, knees and hips

I had come to accept suffering quite severe pain in my back, knees, and hips for years as Doctors would only prescribe painkillers. When I trapped a nerve in my neck last year, Active Chiropractic was recommended by a friend.  The McTimoney Chiropractor was not only able to relieve the immediate pain, but also diagnosed that my hips were displaced, and had been for some time. This explained my long term pain, as uneven pressure was being applied to my spine and other joints.  I immediately began a programme of chiropractic visits and exercise. As the problem was longstanding, the solution was never going to be instantaneous, but with David’s patience and expertise, I can now say that I have been virtually pain free for nearly four months. To be without that constant pain is a great relief and improvement to my everyday quality of life.   (Tracy, September 2013)

Difficulty walking

When I first went to Active Chiropractic, I was having difficulty walking because of pain in my right hip and lower back. This had been slowly getting worse over the last few years. I had also had a frozen shoulder 3 years ago that had caused problems with the movement in my left neck and shoulder. I have been going to see David once a week for a month. I now walk, bend, move without pain and I am regaining my flexibility. The treatment is very subtle and unobtrusive, there is no need to undress just wear loose clothing. The adjustments are very slight with none of the bone crushing you normally associate with realigning your spine and hips. David found because of the way I was holding myself from old injuries that my hip was out of alignment and my right leg was shorter than my left. After David has readjusted my skeleton, I am now aligned and pain free. He is working concentrating on my neck now and my movement has increased week on week. (Ann, December 2012)

Knee pain and sciatica

I started seeing David Hallam 6 weeks ago following 6 months of sciatica and pain in both knees. David identified the cause of my problems, carried out the treatment and now I am completely pain free! David asks you to wear loose fitting clothes and talks you through every adjustment as he does it. My treatment was very gentle and didn’t hurt. For 48 hours after treatment I was a little sore as everything settled into its correct place. He also fixed my tennis elbow (a 2 year old injury) in one session!  (Jenny, November 2012)

Low back pain when running

Hi David, your treatment has most definitely helped 🙂 my back feels really ‘new’ and it has relaxed out remarkably already, it feels ‘right’ now … I am really pleased as it’s been like that since June! I can’t wait to test it out on a run but will wait for two days and just go steady to start with! McTimoney and your magic treatment are fantastic 🙂 thank you so much … (Hannah, November 2012)

Headaches, neck pain and nausea

I can’t tell you how relieved I am that I no longer suffer from the excruciating headaches, neck pain and associated nausea which I have put up with for several years. After having to include Ibuprofen tablets as almost part of my daily diet, I am very happy to say that they have stayed firmly in the cupboard since my treatment began. I had immediate benefit from the treatment and I have more neck movement than I ever remember having, and feel positively ‘owl like’ in my range! I had no idea that so many of my joints were misaligned but after your nudging them in the right position I can say with 100% honestly I have never felt better!  (Donna B, July 2009)

Low back pain

As you know when I first came to see you with my painful back problem I was in considerable discomfort, and on more than one occasion felt very faint with the amount of pain in my lower back. You can imagine that when I first came to see you … I was more than a little apprehensive, having had visions of being forced into painful uncomfortable positions in order for the treatment to be effective.  Well I need not have worried … not once was I subjected to any excessive force or pain, in fact the treatment was so gentle I could have fallen asleep. Be assured though that after each visit I could always notice an improvement and felt a little better each time.   (Kenny J, July 2009)

Old back problem and a numb thumb

The majority of my day [as a locksmith] is spent stooping or kneeling at customer’s doors in an uncomfortable position or working from the back of the van in the same contorted fashion. This leads to a lot of strain being placed on my back … My back goes into spasms and I could only get comfortable in a strange sideways sitting position. To add insult to injury I suffered a loss of feeling and a tingling sensation in my thumb muscle which severely restricted my grip on the delicate complicated master pins that are fundamental to my livelihood. At my first visit with David he diagnosed the the thumb problem to be a trapped nerve in my shoulder which he rectified there and then. The back pain eased and cleared up after 4 visits … (Mark D, February 2007)

Recurring back pain

Having suffered with an infrequent but recurring back pain due to years of lifting packaging … and probably very bad posture sitting at a computer desk, I would like to thank David Hallam of Active Chiropractic for his treatment … I visited David for three sessions and, although not immediate … now feel that the treatment has been successful, and will happily recommend him to friends and colleagues in similar, painful, positions.  (Craig B, February 2007)

Painful shoulder

… I now have had two Chiropractic sessions and must say that my shoulder is now much better thanks to you. Thank you for the most courteous and professional service …  (Graham R, June 2006)

History of disc trouble

I will admit to a particularly strong scepticism prior to my treatment, and to be honest during and after my first session … Following the second treatment, I now exercise routinely and though it is some months since my last session with you I have yet to feel any problems with my prolapsed disc … you have managed to allow me to resume my normal life for the first time in over a year.  (Christie G, April 2008)

Arm pain

I came to you after getting severe pains in my right arm whilst training and had to do something about it as it was getting worse. I have to admit that on my first visit I was very sceptical about it … but then when you started I was pleasantly surprised and after even the first session I couldn’t believe the results … we tend to live with the bad posture and the tightness in our muscle groups without realising … I for one couldn’t believe the freedom of movement you gave me back in my right shoulder, and the pain in my forearm has all but gone …   (Jason L, February 2008)

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