Sciatica in Peterborough

Sciatica is an inflammation of the Sciatic nerve that runs down the leg from the spine. It is a symptom rather than a condition and may have a number of different causes. Sciatica signs. You may have all or some of these: Pain in the leg Burning or tingling in the leg Pins and needles […]

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Chiropractic and Weight Lifting

A great ‘before and after’ photo set: Wassim is a serious weight lifter who recently took part in his first competition. He had been suffering for over a year with pain and tension in his left arm and shoulder that was affecting his ability to train and to keep the bar level when squatting. Before treatment: […]

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Peterborough Frozen Shoulder Clinic

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome (sometimes known as “adhesive capsulitis”) is remarkably common. As soon as you start talking about stiff and painful shoulders you quickly meet a lot of  people who suffer with them. It can come on without warning. A small pain in the arm or shoulder develops into a sharp pain or a burning […]

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