How many visits to the chiropractor will I need?

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Some people see dramatic benefits from a single visit to the Chiropractor. Others need more.

Progress will depend on your condition, how severe it is, how long you have had it, and how well you respond to the treatment. Other factors include how old you are and how fit you are. The demands placed on the body by your job or your sport may mean that a longer course of treatment is needed.

Recommendations for new patients

We normally recommend that new patients come along for four visits at weekly intervals. This gives the body time to respond to the treatment and for new patterns of movement and muscle use to become established. We hope to see improvements in pain levels and mobility after one or two visits.

You are free to stop or start treatment at any time.

If I start having chiropractic treatment will I need to carry on having it?

No, you can stop at any time. Some people come to the clinic with a specific pain or problem that is making their life a misery and will stop when that problem has resolved.

Some will return for one-off treatments when they feel the need.

Others, once they have experienced the benefits of chiropractic, choose to continue with long-term care. They come for monthly or bi-monthly or quarterly visits. They aim to carry on enjoying the benefits of chiropractic as they cope with the demands of work, age and life in general.

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