Backache After a Difficult Pregnancy / CC BY 2.0

A was a 42 year-old lady who came to the clinic with chronic backache and nerve pain (sciatica) radiating down her right leg.  She reported having ongoing back problems since the birth of her son 8 years previously. Both the pregnancy and delivery had been difficult – her son had been side-lying and required a forceps delivery. She reported that she had suffered from low level backache ever since – with episodes of acute pain and sciatica if she ‘overdid it’. She had previously been very active but, over time, the ongoing fear of aggravating the pain had forced her to do less and less.

A reported that her back was always very stiff in the mornings and that she needed a hot shower to get moving at the start of the day. She was always careful of her posture. An unguarded movement could trigger another episode of pain at any time.

Despite her efforts to be careful her back was always vulnerable to aggravation. Slipping on ice a year previously had made things worse and helping to move a bed was enough to trigger the episode of pain that brought her to the chiropractic clinic in Peterborough for treatment.

After her first McTimoney treatment she reported a variety of strange sensations: including twitching in her leg muscles and a feeling of fatigue in her hips and thighs. After two treatments she was able to report that she no longer had any sciatic pain in her leg and the back pain had reduced to a level where she ‘did not think about it anymore’. Her morning stiffness had gone. Years of back pain had been remedied by two McTimoney treatments.

At further visits, A’s progress continued and she was able to resume exercise activities that helped her to get stronger and less vulnerable to injury. She was able to take her son swimming and do exercises on a ‘Wii fit’ machine.  At a subsequent visit she was able to report playing with her son on a trampoline – an activity she would not have dreamt of doing only a few months before.

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